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product name: 1-Bromonaphthalene
product number: 90-11-9
Exhibitors: YZ
product price: 0.00 $
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a brief introdction

1-Bromonaphthalene Product Name; YZN-103 Product No.; Shanghai Yongzeng Chemical Company Limited

1-Bromonaphthalene  Detailed description
Product Name                  1-Bromonaphthalene
Synonyms                        alpha-Bromonaphthalene
Molecular Formula              C10H7Br
Molecular Weight               207.07
CAS#                              90-11-9
Density                            1.489
Melting point                     -1°C
Boiling point                      279-281°C
Refractive index                1.656-1.659
Water solubility                 slightly soluble
appearance                      colorless to light yellowish oily liquid
Content                           98%min; 99%min; AR
Sample available for customer use test;  
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