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Adjust the price onPranlukast Intermediate 
Dear All,
To be affected with  increasing of cost of raw material,Pranlukast Intermediates:  3'-Amino-2'-hydroxyacetophenone and3'-Amino-2'-hydroxyacetophenone hydrochloride, the Unit price willbe marked up by 7%-10% corresponding.
and to 3'-Amino-2'-hydroxyacetophenone , theunit prcie of the crystal is RMB50.00/KG more than that of thepowder, and we assure customer high quality PharmaceuticalIntermediates at very competitiveprices.
and if there is any more revision on price,  we will keep dearall posted onthis.  
Our vision is Integrity, Customer First, Win-Win andCo-development.With our effort, we has and will go on cooperatingwith customers at home and abroad for a win-win relationship.

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