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About Us, Shanghai Yongzeng Chemical Co.,Ltd is founded by our factory in Shanghai on 2008, aim to our exporting business for more convenience. factory is sited at Jintan City.
1. Your company is manufacturer or dealer ?  
 we are really manufacturer,key productsare Pranlukast intermediates inChina. and factory isin manufacturing of some intermediates.
2. If you are manufacturer,your company canguaranteeyour goods quality based on GMP  Enviroment?
we are chemicalfactory, and mainly  manufacture  ChemicalIntermediates, but not API, and without GMP. But ourproducts exported have had been  approved by customers. All  products will  be examined  byour  own factory, some of our method of analysis is up to  International  standards, such as  that of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose. and  we  would like  thatcustomers have some  batch  sample for using  test.Quanlity and  price is  choosed.
3. To our factory manufactureenviroment 
    Workshop FloorArea:1000-2000squaremeter
    warehouse: 5000 square meter
    ability of swage treatment: 20MT/day
    reactionkettle:1000L--8 ;2000Land 3000L----2; andsoon
youcanarrangeavisit, seeing is believing.
4. Your factory visiting is available ?andyourfactory'saddress?
 you are welcome to our factory any time.factory address:No.55,zhendong Rd.,Jintan City,Jiangsuprovince.
if your company have moreinquiry,or  want to get  more information About Us welcome  to contact with  us.welcome to log on our website at your convenient time: Http://


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