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To Customers from Yongzchem

[To Customers from Yongzchem]
All friends,
Firstly thank you for your continuours supports in the pastyears,Iwish both of us cooperate more closely inthecoming years. If you are first time to our website. I'dliketo have you know more detail about Yongzchem.
Yongzchem is an old and new company. Yongzchem is builden in 2008byour factory Jintan Juyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd as one independentsalescompany,Yongzchem has the right of exportwe, which takechargeof sales action. Juyuan company is an old chemicalfactory, andour factory succussfully researched and developedseveral series ofPharmaceutical Chemicals.  work on the fieldof pyridine forabout ten years, and now supply you2,2'-Dipyridyl(content 99.5%)and 4,4'-dipyridyl(content 99%) andothers. Till now, our factoryis mainly producing PranlukastIntermediates.
1) if we have the product you need, please let me know thatthequanlity and specification you wanted, I will write you intheshortest time. and if you are interested in ourcompanyproducts,you can loandown our product list on ourwebsite.
2)after you receive product sample sent out by me, if youhaveyour special product specifications, I will resend you newsampleafter our improve product quality. 
3)we have live contact on webstie, you can live yourmessagederectly. and we will give you reply as soon aspossible.
and we also can supply some other products such asphenylhydrazine.we will manufacture these products according toyour order.
so please feel free to contact us.
Thanks and Regards!

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